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200 Cars Hoax – Daily Trust, Sahara Reporters Goofed

Abuja City Gate

Abuja City Gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

State House Press Statement – The Presidency has noted with dismay, the utterly false and misleading claim in the lead report in today’s edition of the Daily Trust newspaper that the Federal Government has purchased 200 new “exotic” cars for the African First Ladies Summit which formally opens in Abuja tomorrow.

The true facts of the matter are as follows:

The African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) which is holding its summit in Abuja is a Non-Governmental Organisation. Its activities are funded by stakeholders and members of the private sector who support and identify with its objectives.

In accordance with its modus operandi, the AFLPM set up several committees, including a finance committee to raise funds and sponsorship for the organization of its Abuja Summit.

As part of its own contributions to the successful hosting of the summit by the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, Coscharis Motors Ltd. offered to provide some cars for the event at no cost to the organizers or the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Under an agreement signed by the committee and Coscharis Motors, all the cars will be returned to the company after the summit.

As indicated in the body of the report, the editors of Daily Trust were apparently well aware that they had no facts to support the claim in their banner headline that the Federal Government bought the cars in question.

Daily Trust admits in the report that it could not confirm if the cars were “bought outright or hired” yet it went ahead to publish the totally unsubstantiated headline claim – “FG BUYS 200 CARS FOR FIRST LADIES SUMMIT”.

It is highly regrettable that the Editors of the Daily Trust rushed to publish a completely erroneous report, the falsity of which should have been apparent to them.

Their very unprofessional and unethical decision to publish the unverifiable allegation can only be construed as another attempt to incite public anger against the Presidency and the Federal Government.

Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

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”Now I am of Coscharis and can tell you. It has been a long time practice to offer to import Cars for Government use at Concessionary rates, with some wavers. They use the vehicles without pay a penny. Then we take them back, and sell at discounted prices to individuals and organisations. We supplied 1,000 BMWs during the CHOGM and COJA few years ago. We shouldn’t dabble into what we don’t know and speak with authority. I spent over twenty years in Coscharis before I retired, and I consult for them up till today. Now, does (sic) Agbati tell lies sometimes? I won’t doubt it! But this is certainly not one of such” – Geoffrey Joseph O Amah

Flashback: COSCHARIS STAKES FREE BMWs FOR ALL AFRICA GAMES http://allafrica.com/stories/200308050416.html


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One thought on “200 Cars Hoax – Daily Trust, Sahara Reporters Goofed

  1. I just call them Daily Distrust!!!

    Posted by Essienkan E. E. | July 27, 2012, 9:03 pm

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