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The Anatomy of Corruption in Nigeria – Donald Ekpo

No Corruption

No Corruption (Photo credit: Ann Douglas)

  • In Nigeria, Nigerians will always have something to shout about. For anybody to have a level of followership or audience, all you need do is identify some form of alleged evil against the government be it old or new. No matter what it is, as long as government or sitting government officials are involved, just give it a name with some interpretations, there you go, Nigerians will definitely shout about it.

    Do we take pleasure in putting all our woes on government because we believe we are not part it? Why not ask ourselves why the government must be seen as corrupt at all levels?

    So who is this government and who is corrupt? Who are we wishing to replace with those we have in government? To solve a problem, one must first identify its intended solution and how to go about it. How different are you in comparism with the personalities in government? The allegation against these persons is “Corruption”. Corruption is the enigma that stands between government and development. So how free is our planned replacement from this same enigma?

    “Corruption” defined as “dishonest or illegal behavior” by advanced Learners. Could also be explained as “an act of one using his power or influence to do dishonest or illegal things in return for money or favor” given the definition, can we that are classified as the masses (non government officials) beat our chest to say we are any different from those that are classified as government? Can we truly say we do not use our small influence illegally either financially or communal influence to obtain favors? Can we say that in everything we do, we follow led down protocols?

    How many of our drivers amongst the masses went through the driving school as stipulated by the law before obtaining our driver’s license. Are we not the same people that will prefer to pay for express delivery thereby bypassing those that could not afford the extra money? Is that not being insensitive to the plight of those below our status?

    It is called bribery my dears. Are we not the same ones encouraging this corruption? How can you encourage a thief to steal if you are not one? So why go to the streets and sing how the Police is corrupt when you are always the first to make an offer of bribe?

    Those in government are a product of the masses. Am sure we don’t intend to import Americans, Europeans or Ghanians to come and be our dream government officials, it is from amongst us, so who will it be? This is the time to change our orientation and psyche towards who government officials are elected or appointed.

    We are quick at pointing accusing fingers at others for a crime we are also guilty of. Governor Fashola of Lagos a government official accused the First Lady Patience G.J of being insensitive to the plight of lagosians because security details attached to madam had taken steps to decongest some roads on her visit to Lagos. Yet his wife’s security details in an effort to discongest the road for her departure from an event I don’t know had a few months back created a road jam at the Badagry expressway. So who is the saint? Must we lay blames or point accusing fingers at all times?

    The same Fashola used soldiers (RRS) to stir away protesters at the new Lekki expressway toll gates at its inception, yet he said the FG was not democratic when it tried to avoid a state anachy by stationing soldiers at strategic points to scare away those that planned to use the SR industrial action as a front to cause a revolution. I also try to wonder why the Lagos state Governor saw nothing wrong with the road jam that was caused by Tinubu’s Birthday recently. Can you spot the difference in motive?

    We are all guilty of using our vintage positions for our personal favors. Until we identify the change we want, and be prepared to change ourselves, we will always be waiting for who to change first. So why blame those that are waiting to see a change from you? Every expectations of change from government is totally dependent on us.

    The day you stop giving bribes, the bribe takers will have no one to collect the bribes from. The day you truly connect your Air Conditioners and electric cookers to your prepared meter instead of connecting it directly to distribution cables illegally, you will help the power sector calculate exactly what is being distributed to your community thereby helping your transformers last longer while our electricity consistency improves. The day you stop bypassing regulations to get a contract illegally with your influence, others and the regulators will be forced to follow due process.

    It is not rocket science, those that are corrupt in government are only corrupt with your assistance. Take away that assistance, and a corrupt free society is what you will get. Every human being is greedy, its just the level of greed (principles) and opportunity that changes who we think we are. Pointing accusing fingers on others for a crime we are guilty of is what has kept us where we are today.

    A corrupt free Nigeria begins with you and I.

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